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people saying negative things about a character you love that aren’t even constructive criticisms of their character or valid points and are just pointlessly and immaturely rude

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"Haruka VS Rin, the Crab Festival’s Peak Playoff" by ( 475 plays )


TRACK 07: Haruka VS Rin, the Crab Festival’s Peak Playoff

MAKOTO: “Haruka VS Rin, The Crab Festival’s Peak Playoff!”

REI: What kind of festival is it this time?

HARUKA: The crab festival

REI: First it’s squid, now it’s crab?

MAKOTO: Yep! In Iwatobi, we hold a grand squid festival in early summer and a grand crab festival in autumn every year.

REI: They sound like very high-class festivals…

NAGISA: Where should we start eating first? Crab croquettes? Or maybe crab miso-flavored yakisoba noodles, crab soup, or crab sticks?

RIN: Hey, Haru. The rest of you guys are here, too.


NAGISA: You’re here too, Rin-chan! And the person next to you is… let me think…

NITORI: I’m Nitori Ai’ichirou.

NAGISA: Nice to meet you, Ai-chan!

NITORI: A–Ai-chan?!

HARUKA: Have you come here to pray for your victory again?

RIN: Not that I need god’s help, really. I can win on my own abilities. Come to think of it, I remember how I won the prefecturals and how you were no match for me, Haru.

HARUKA: There wasn’t much difference between us in that match. Heh. If you’re going to brag over something tiny like that, then you’ve become a tiny man, Rin.

RIN: What?!

NITORI: Wait, Rin-senpai! Not here!

RIN: He’s picked a fight with me, there’s no way I’m not taking it! Fight me, Haru!

HARUKA: Fine! We’ll settle the score on our freestyle match!

NAGISA: Yeah! I wanna see your fight!

REI: Don’t encourage them, Nagisa-kun!

MAKOTO: Yeah, you two! Don’t fight here!

HARUKA: It has to happen sooner or later.

RIN: Hah! I’ll end it in the blink of an eye.

HARUKA: You sound pretty confident.

RIN: How about whoever jumps in here, touches that crab fishing boat parked on that harbor and gets back first, wins?

HARUKA: Sounds interesting. Let’s do this, Rin!

RIN: Fight me, Haru!

[HARUKA and RIN hurriedly take their clothes off]

MAKOTO: Whoa… Their speed at taking off their belts isn’t ordinary!

REI: Wait, they’re both wearing swimsuits underneath their clothes!!!

NAGISA: Allow me to explain! On days when Haru-chan feels the water, he prepares by wearing a swimsuit underneath his clothes!

REI: Is that the same for Rin-san as well?

MAKOTO: No! Rin wore his because he had a feeling he’d be versing Haru today! …I think.

REI: You think?!

NITORI: Well, let’s begin! Ready… go!

[HARUKA and RIN swim back and forth]

NAGISA: You’re both so fast!

MAKOTO: Who was faster?!

REI: They both arrived at the same time!

RIN: Haru and I, the same?!

HARUKA: It’s a tie?!

RIN: Not a chance!

NITORI: Wait. It’s true that both of them arrived at the same time, but…


NITORI: When it comes to the speed at which they undressed, Rin-senpai was faster.
RIN: Hehe. Well, I don’t lose to anyone when it comes to being the fastest at undressing.

NAGISA: Nothing less from Rin-chan!

MAKOTO: That has nothing to do with swimming!

REI: Even if it did, there’s no way we can determine who was faster when we didn’t even keep track of time!

NITORI: No, we can. I’ve been recording the whole thing.

MAKOTO: Since when?!

NITORI: Watch this. I’ll rewind it.

RIN: How about whoever jumps in here, touches that crab fishing boat parked on that harbor and gets back first, wins?

HARUKA: Sounds interesting. Let’s do this, Rin!

RIN: Fight me, Haru!

[HARUKA and RIN hurriedly take their clothes off]

NITORI: See that?

MAKOTO: You’re right…

NAGISA: Rin-chan was faster…

RIN: Hehehe. Take that, Haru.

HARUKA: … [glares]

NAGISA: At this rate, Rin-chan will win…

HARUKA: One more time, Rin!

RIN: Fine by me, Haru. But the result will be the same no matter what you do.

HARUKA: Let’s do this, Rin!

RIN: Fight me, Haru!

[HARUKA and RIN hurriedly take their clothes off]

MAKOTO: Whoa… They’re so fast, I can’t even see their hands taking off their belts…

RIN: Take that!

NAGISA: Haru-chan wins this time!

REI: It was an undressing contest?!

NITORI: Now it’s one win, one loss, one draw each…

REI: No, wait, the speed at which you undress has nothing to do with anything!

RIN: One more time, Haru!

HARUKA: What do we fight with this time?

RIN: We’ve reached the height of the festival. How about some target practice?


REI: You’re okay with that?!

MAKOTO: This is solid FREE!

NAGISA: Haru-chan, you can do it!

NITORI: Whoever gets the biggest prize wins!

RIN: I’m going first.

MAKOTO: Rin’s stance… and his eyes locking onto his prey… He’s like an assassin aiming for his target!

[RIN shoots]

NAGISA: Wow, Rin-chan! You took down the life-sized Iwatobi-chan!

RIN: Heh! That’s about right.

HARUKA: Give me that. I’m next.

MAKOTO: Haru isn’t giving in either! If Rin is an assassin, then Haru is a C.I.A agent protecting the target from him!
[HARUKA shoots]

NAGISA: He took down the Iwatobi-chan costume set!

MAKOTO: Not bad, Haru!

REI: Who wins in this case? It’s a life-sized Iwatobi-chan against a Iwatobi-chan costume set…

NITORI: They’re both rare items.

NAGISA: So it’s a tie.

RIN: Damn it! Next match!

HARUKA: Let’s go with what you’re best at.

RIN: You’ve got guts. In that case… we’ll fight with those.

HARUKA: !! The Crab-catching Hell?!

REI: Crab-catching Hell?

NAGISA: It’s the crab version of Squid-grabbing Heaven. Unlike squid though, crabs have claws so if they manage to get you, you feel hellish pain…

REI: That is so scary!!

NITORI: They’re holding it over there! Let’s go!

REI: This is… the Crab-catching Hell… Men in fundoshi are grabbing live crabs… It is indeed pure hell…

GOU: Oh, you’re here, Brother! Haruka-senpai and the others, too!

NAGISA: You’re here again, Gou-chan?

GOU: Are you participating too?

RIN: Yeah. I’m fighting with Haru to see who gets the most.

REI: Don’t the rules ban underaged people like us from participating?

GOU: We can’t participate with squid, but crabs are okay! Since they’re not slimy!

REI: That’s their criteria?!

HARUKA: Let’s go, Rin!

RIN: I won’t lose!

[HARUKA and RIN grab crabs while shouting “Crab crab crab crab!”]

NAGISA: You can do it, Haru-chan!

NITORI: Rin-senpai!

MAKOTO: Haru grabbed the first one!

NITORI: Rin-senpai has grabbed two at the same time!

MAKOTO: But Haru’s crab is slightly bigger!

NITORI: But Rin-senpai’s crabs have better color!

MAKOTO: Haru isn’t giving in either! He’s grabbed one with huge claws in successive blows!

NAGISA: Don’t lose, Haru-chan!

NITORI: Ah! Rin-senpai! Look out!

[RIN screams]

REI: Haruka-senpai is going for the big one while Rin-san’s fingers are caught in the crab’s claws!

NITORI: No, Rin-senpai isn’t giving in! Even though his fingers are caught, he’s moving with such force…!

GOU: The intense collaboration between throbbing muscles and crabs! Amazing! This is so amazing!

[HARUKA and RIN both scream]

RIN: Ow!

[HARUKA and RIN breathe heavily]

MAKOTO: [whispers] Who won?

REI: Haruka-senpai… caught 14!

NITORI: Rin-senpai has also… caught 14!

NAGISA: Another tie?!

RIN: Damn it! One more match!

NITORI: What this time?

RIN: This time…

RIN: It’s fortune slips!

HARUKA: Hmph! So whoever gets the better fortune wins!

[HARUKA and RIN fight aggressively with their fortunes]

RIN: Middle luck. The object you’ve lost is hard to find.

HARUKA: Half luck. The person you are waiting for comes, but they are late.

GOU: They’re both neither here nor there…

REI: Which is better anyway, middle luck or half luck?

ALL: Hmm…

RIN: All right then! The next match!

HARUKA: I’ll go as far as it takes me!

REI: Maybe we should be getting back home now, yes?


GOU: It’s starting to get more and more ridiculous…

NAGISA: Text us to tell us how it ended, okay, Ai-chan?

NITORI: I told you, I’m not Ai-chan!

RIN: Haru! Next we’ll see who eats crab sticks the fastest!

HARUKA: I accept your challenge!

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Donghae = easy to bully

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